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Pull SMS

Now you can get case status through SMS even if you don't have internet connection. The PULL SMS service allows you to request for and receive information about Next Hearing Date of the cases filled in NCDRC/State Commission/District Consumer Commission by sending SMS through your mobile.

Instruction for using Pull SMS service:

To get the information about the case, send SMS to 7738299899 in the following format:
CONFONET StateID/DistrictID/Case Number

  1. For State Id & District Consumer Commission ID, Click on the link below
  2. For sending SMS, Charges will be applicaple as per your mobile network provider policy
  3. Case number should be case sensitive and match exactly as provided by consumer commission
For example 1- If your case number is RP/1/2014 and filed at NCDRC, then send SMS

CONFONET 0/0/RP/1/2014

For example 2- If your case number is FA/1/2014 and filed at State Commission, Andhra Pradesh, then send SMS

CONFONET 16/0/FA/1/2014

For example 3- If your case number is CC/1/2014 and filed at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, then send SMS

CONFONET 16/512/CC/1/2014

Click here for State & District Consumer Commission ID