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Department of Consumer Affairs
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(Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Commissions in Country)

Case Monitoring System

The Case Monitoring System provides a single-window solution for automation of all the activities undertaken at the Consumer Commissions at the National, State and District Levels. The registration of complaints, recording of court proceedings, issue of notices, generation of cause lists, recording of judgments, record-keeping and generation of statistical reports and all other court related activities are carried out through this standardized software alone. Role-based logins can be created for the different users and related services can be easily offered to them.

The various services provided by the Case Monitoring System have been diagrammatically depicted below:

The Case Monitoring System has automated the tasks of Consumer Commissions by providing the following facilities:

  1. Cause list is generated automatically
  2. Case status is readily available
  3. Quick view of the case history
  4. Quick search facility using case number, complainant name, respondent name etc
  5. Judgment search using free text search
  6. Automatic notice generation after one time master entry
  7. Various statistical reports generation

The Case Monitoring System incorporates specifically designed modules which allow replication of data to a Centralized Online Server. Once data has been exported to this server, it can be accessed by the general public in the form of case status and case history information, cause lists, judgments and national level reports.

The following flow-diagram shows how information captured at the Consumer Commissions is processed and made available to the various stake-holders through MIS reports, cause lists, judgments and case status: