Objective of ConfoNet

Scope Of Project  
The department of Consumer Affairs under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Govt. of India, has assigned the responsibility of Implementing the project on "Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Fora in Country" to NIC, as a plan scheme of Department. NIC provides Information technologies (IT) support in terms of study and analysis of application requirements at NCDRC, SDRC and District Fora and give technical solution for  development and implementation of computer network based system for the application areas with main focus on Case Monitoring. The technical solution will be in form of turnkey solution in terms of deciding hardware and system software requirements, their procurement, supply and installation, networking, customized trainings, application software development and technical support for deployment of each location.


Application Software

Case Monitoring System
Means an intranet based application to record the proceedings of cases registered by complainants or appellants in consumer courts and provide an easy retrieval of information. Thus the job of monitoring the status of multiple cases as well as maintaining their statistics is highly simplified. The software has the following features:


 * Automated scrutiny process

 * Generates case number automatically.

 * Reduces the delay in preparation of cause list.

 * Helps storage and easy retrieval of judgments.

 * Helps to obtain the case status easily.

 * Helps litigants to obtain copies of judgment through web.

 * Generates administrative reports for e.g.

              * particulars of cases filed and pending.

              * particulars of disposed off cases

                            (a) within 90 days          (b) 90 days to 150 days.

                            (c) Above 150 days        (d) By selecting any duration and state

             * Cases filed, disposed and pending since inception, yearly & quarterly basis.

            * Cases filed, disposed and pending State/District Wise

The Case Monitoring System has been developed for capturing the data relating to case registration through the proceeding of case till the final judgment is granted. Attempt has been made to develop a standard application software for all consumer fora in the country as well as providing for state specific features. The software is with bilingual features, although provision has been made for incorporating more Indian languages in terms of notice generation a n d judgments recording etc. Thus, the single application will enable consumer fora to render efficient services with better transparency and responsiveness. One of the key advantage is real time and easy access to information which will be available o the central database after being summarized at the district and state level for Complainants, Lawyers and Members. Daily Cause List, proceedings and judgment updates will also be made in the system so that members are able to track and monitor progress and performance of the pending cases. The technology used is Java Swing as the application platform and DB2 universal database as the RDBMS and has all the essential features like scalability, reliability, maintainability, backup and local language support built into the system.